5th April 9:00 PM Funny Memes After PM Modi Speech

5th April 9:00 PM Funny Memes After PM Modi Speech : Candle, Lights, Diyas, Torch, Mobile Phone Torch Memes for 5th April 9:00 PM.

pm narendra modi address to nation on corona virus

Why PM Modi Said to do lighting on 5th April 2020 With Funny Memes.

Today PM Modi Speech: PM Modi said this activity shows you Oneness and unity of Indians. He said that we must shine light on the ones who are the most affected by the corona virus pandemic. He said that despite the fact that we are in our homes, we are not the only one. Nation’s 1.3 billion individuals are as one during this lockdown period. he said we need to disperse the obscurity spread by the crown infection and offer want to poor people who are the most affected by lockdown.

PM Narendra Modi Address to Nation on Corona Virus:

On 5th of April The Prime Minister asked them people come together and turn off your home lights and turn on their candles, diyas, flash lights, mobile lights for 9 minutes at 9 pm on 5 April and spread the message that there will be light.

Profit and Reason Behind The 5th April 2020

Reason Behind The 5th April 2020 - pm modi

Also some people predicted that was the reason behind this message lets see what people thinks about this:

  • Because electricity will be save when you consume less power, you reduce the amount of toxic fumes release by power plants, conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems from destruction. By taking steps to reduce your energy intake.
  • Might be they will check who will support the country or who are against and how may peoples support this lockdown in India.
  • And also we can say it’s shows only equality in Indian and they are support this lockdown and they are agree to follow the rules and regulations.
  • They are ready for coming battle they stand with their Prime Minister and Nation.
  • It will helped the country realise its collective strength and that the nation can fight against coronavirus.
  • If the Peoples are lighting up flashlights of mobile phones at their doorsteps or balconies after turning off the lights at home, then it will become emerge in this superpower of brightness that we all are fighting with a collective resolve.

Indian People’s Reaction During 5th April Night 9:00 PM Event – (Just For Fun)

Dear readers this is a memes page through this post, I am sharing the imagination of the funny reaction of the Indian people. This post is not meant to make fun of anyone, Memesera also supports the views and speech of PM Modi.

  1. In this pic, I say behalf of PM Modi that the candle should be lit on the terrace of the house and it should not be celebrated by any festival.

5 april memes


2. This meme reflects the truth of some sections of our society so please follow the request made by Prime Minister Modi and stay at home.

reality vs expectation lighting on 5th April 2020


3. This meme is made for your entertainment purpose, please burn the lamp while staying at home.

lighting on 5th April 2020 funny memes


4. This meme shows that you should also support the request made by PM Modi and suggest your friends to follow the request.

lighting on 5th April 2020 bao rao funny memes


5. This meme shows that we are still not taking Corona’s warning seriously please do take covid-19 seriously and try to stay at home as much as possible.

corona virus memes


6. Through this meme, I want to tell that on the night of April 5, while lighting the lamp, take care of social distancing.

5 april light candle 2020 memes

Dear readers Keep in mind we should support the government and stay at home to avoid Corona. Read the post about best precautions tips against covid-19 disease.

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