Top 10 Propose Day: Happy funny Propose Day

Happy propose Day, everyone! The third of Valentine’s week that is all about proposing to your loved ones. The Valentine’s week list consists of Rose Day on the &th of February and the Propose Day on 8th, Chocolate Day on 9th, Teddy Day on 10th, Promise Day on 11th, Hug Day on12th, Kiss Day on 13th and finally Valentine’s day on 14th. This propose day you may not be proposing to someone this Valentine’s week. But if you really find the whole Valentine’s week really trash, we have some dope memes for you. You’ll absolutely relate to these dank memes if you are someone who loves to diss the whole Valentine’s week. Share the memes with your friends over Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to if not propose someone but at least make them LOL. Valentine’s Day 2020: Funny Memes and Jokes For Singles who Are Just Too Cool for the Lovers Day Celebration.

Single On Propose Day? These Hilarious Jokes And Memes Will Light Up Your Day

Today we talk about the second day of Valentine’s Day where you confess your love for that special someone.

New Delhi: Today is the second day of Valentine’s week, Propose Day where you confess your love for that special someone.

But then there are also single people who feel left out this week amidst all the love and cheesiness. So, what do you do in that case? Well, make jokes! On Thursday, Twitter was full of such hilarious memes and jokes. Check them out.


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