International Women’s Day is on Sunday 8 March. International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women and promotes gender equality, with events being held across the world to mark the day.

We would all be able to have an influence in improving results for ladies and the current year’s subject gives a chance to announce how you will be striking for change. This could incorporate activities, for example, testing generalizations, getting out impolite conduct, supporting adaptable workplaces, and supporting ladies’ triumphs.

On the ground, International Women’s Day sees a huge number of meetings, social affairs, rallies, displays, celebrations and all the more every year. Albeit International Women’s Day was just embraced by the United Nations in 1975, it was set apart without precedent for New York in the mid-1900s.


Over a century later, the celebration’s birthplace marked International Women’s Day in a suitably grand fashion, with women nationwide invited to participate in A Day Without a Women- a strick to raise awareness around issues of civil liberties, reproductive rights, and economic inequality.

How International Women’s Day 2020 Celebrating All Over The World?

Now, here we show you how other countries have been celebrating this Day:


In several cities, childcare workers orchestrated a strike to protest pay inequality and the lack of funding for early education. More than 1000 early-year workers walked off the job at 3;20 p.m.nearby time, when coordinators said ladies in Australia start working for nothing and joined International Women’s Day rallies.

According to childcare union United Voice, the 97% female workforce is underpaid, and qualified early childhood educators earn about half the national average wage.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Melbourne installed ten female pedestrian crossing icons on the city’s traffic signals, in an attempt to fight ”unconscious bias” and ”stereotypes” among citizens.


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As per Chinese law, ladies are qualified for a half-day away from work on International Women’s Day. For some shops and online retailers, be that as it may, the day is essentially a chance to pull in female customers with limits on beauty care products, undergarments, and footwear.

Chinese feminist Li Maizi, who was detained for over a month two years ago after she and four other young activists tried to hand out stickers about sexual harassment on public transport in Chinese cities for International Women’s Day, addressed an audience in London, noting ”that there has been both progress and a backlash against women’s rights” since her arrest and the increasing state surveillance of NGOs.

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Marchers gathered in the capital Tokyo to mark the day. Despite recent attempts by Prime Minister Shizo Abe to raise the profile of women in the workforce, ingrained sexism keeps women chronically underemployed. The country also recently ranked 163rd out of 193 countries in female representation in lower houses of parliament.


The tiny Nordic country announced on Wednesday that it will become the first in the world to make companies of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and nationality.

Iceland plans to introduce The Equal Pay Standard, which will require employers with more than 25 staff to ensure they give equal pay for work that is of equal value. Through that, the country hopes to eradicate the gender pay gap by 2022.


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A march for the One Billion Rising campaign, supported by 30 women’s groups in India, is set to place by the gang rape and murder of a medical student Jyoti Singh in 2012, advocates have been making strides in India to beat back the culture of violence against women and help victims find justice.


In the Indonesian capital, women’s rights groups have planned a march from central Jakarta to the presidential palace. On Saturday, another march saw hundreds of women dress in blood-stained clothes to decry sexual abuse and violence against women.


Women in Italy will enjoy free entry to all of the country’s museums and cultural sites, where exhibition that ”celebrate the feminine world” by highlighting art by and about women, will be showcased.


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women’s groups in Ireland are using International Women’s Day to call for a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment of the Constitution of Ireland, which recognizes” the right to life of the unborn,” effectively banning abortion. The Coalition to Repeal the English Amendment called the legislation ”a source of discrimination against all women living in Ireland” and has organized a strike and rally on March 8.

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