India Lights Candle On PM Modi’s Appeal, reaction, funny memes

5th April night after India Lights Candle On PM Modi’s Appeal : Social Message, Funny Memes

India lights candles in a support of COVID-19 free nation.

On this Friday Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a video message with the nation. In that video he requested all citizens to switch off all the lights of their homes on 5th April night at 9 p.m. for 9 minutes and lit a candle, ‘Diya’, or mobile’s flashlight,as the symbol of fight against coronavirus.

On his own appeal PM Modi gave a message that we must continuously progress towards light and hope.

People’s reaction to Prime Minister Modi’s appeal to lit up candles on the night of 5 April.

The Prime Minister’s request to Friday was followed by the whole nation with true manner. On Sunday night many Indian residents united to support the Prime Minister appeal. Many Indians lit up candles on their houses, balcony and light the lamps and also raised slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai. People shared their pictures on social media platforms and gave strong evidence of the completion of the appeal. This message is enough that the citizens of the India have a lot of love and respect for their Prime Minister.

Celebrities also contributed extensively in this appeal and were seen supporting PM Modi and appreciated the appeal of PM Modi’s on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared his pictures while lit up lamp on social media. Alongside, Twitter India started distend with trends on this. #9बजे9मिनट was the top Twitter trend virtually 250,000 tweets by 10:35 pm on Sunday.

People’s Reaction After India Lights Candle On PM Modi’s Appeal, Funny Memes, Social messages

Dear viewers this is a memes page through this post, I shared a reaction of Indian citizens on Prime Minister Modi’s appeal. In this post, wants to share a message against covid19 through memes. I hope you guys like the memes.

1.  The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) was established on 6 April 1951.  

The BJP’s Party Origin lies in the Bharatiya jana Sangh, Formed in 1951 by Syama Prasad Mookherjee.

6 april bjp foundation day 2020


2. All the citizens followed their PM Modi’s appeal in the same way Prime Minister Narendra Modi request to stay at home should also be followed.

India lights candles funny memes


3. Prime Minister Modi made this appeal against the battle of Corona, but some people celebrated it as a festival.

India lights candles On PM Modi's Appeal


4. At a time where country faces Lockdown situation and fight against Corona in such a situation, PM Modi encouraged the citizens with a new message and hope.

India lights candles On PM Modi's Appeal


5. In light of PM Modi’s appeal lamps were lit all over the country. It is enough that how much people loves their Prime Minister.


6. On the night of April 5, the country of India illuminated by giving the message to the whole world that humanity will win in the battle of Coronairus.

funny memes on India lights candle


7. This meme shows that many peoples’s still not taking Coronavirus warning seriously please do take covid-19 seriously and try to stay at home as much as possible.

covid 19


Dear viewers thank you for visit this site and Keep in mind that we should support the government and keep stay at home to avoid Coronavirus affect. Read the post about best precautions tips against covid-19 disease.

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