April Fools’ Day Memes 2020: Funny Messages & Quotes

Does your Facebook feed usually blow up with all of those fake engagement announcements and April Fools’ Day prank every year? Same. This is why having the best response for April Fools’ Day, like a snarky meme, is very much needed.

April Fools’ Day Memes 2020: Funny Messages & Quotes:

Let is be honest, you are probably one of two people when it comes to April Fool’s Day: You either contribute, or you run. No matter where you are at on the spectrum during April Fool’ Day, you’re probably going to want some memes up your sleeve that you can post your status, and even as a response to other people’s posts, that will perfectly depict how you fell about Aril Fool Day. And Even thinking and planning out an April Fool’s Day prank takes a ton of time and energy that you may not have the luxury in this year. Saving up a few memes to post on Facebook can still be a contribution to the craziness of the day.

April Fools day Status for Whatsapp & Whatsapp April Fool Day DP images:

getting homework when schools out for corona virus
getting homework when schools out for corona virus

A Day will come

When the whole world will Celebrate:

Your Name

Your Fame

Your Personality

Your Thoughts

Your Views

But keep in mind,

April Fool comes once a year.


I Am Your Girlfriend:







Thik kaha na ?

In short, I am Your S.I.S.T.E.R.

Happy April Fools Day.

April Fools Day Jokes Pranks Images Photos Pictures Quotes Wishes Messages SMS 2020:

If I had not come across you then I would not have understood the true meaning of a lot of words like






Stupid, Moron, Dumbass, Buffoon, Idiot, Sarcasm; and above all Fool.

Thanks a lot for it. I sincerely wish you a very

Happy April Fool!

April Fool Funny Prank Status

Aaj ka Taaza Message:

Hai wo, Smart, Bohot, Wo, Hai, Bheja, ne, jis, Aur, Hu, Raha, Padh, se, Niche, Ko, Message, jo, hu, pagal, wo, main.


Ab Msg Niche Se Uper Padho!







Ban Gaya Na April Fool?

A You are Attractive,

You are the Best,

You are Cute,

D You are Dear to Me,

E You are Excellent,

F You are Funny,

G You are Good-Looking,

H hehehehe,

I Im,

J Joking,

Happy April Fool Day!

April Fool Day Funny Status for FB (Facebook) HD Images:

I am a fool;

I am a Fool;

I am a Fool;

OK OK Cool;

I agree U, are a fool. Now Control urself.

April Fool wishes to the cutest fool!

April Fool FB Funny Jokes:

Your Girlfriend is:







In short she is just like your S.I.S.T.E.R.

Happy April Fool!

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